The Cataract Chronicles: Letting the Light Into That Other Eye

Barbara Falconer Newhall's left eye prior to cataract surgery. Here eyes are brown. Photo by Barbara Newhall

Once the eye has healed, I’m off to my favorite aesthetician for a make-up re-do. Photo by Barbara Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Today’s the day! My left eye is getting its brand new bespoke lens, and it won’t be long before I’m seeing the world out of two eyes again.

My right eye is doing just fine, thank you, despite my earlier moaning and groaning over discomfort and general fuzziness. Once that eye is corrected for astigmatism, it will see beautifully at four feet or so, which, I’ve discovered, is perfect for seeing the eyelashes of friends at cocktail parties.

I’m also hoping that it will let me get a good look at the stuff in art museums.

Either way, the best thing about cataract surgery is the amount of light it lets into your eyes — everything gets so bright and clear and … three dimensional. It’s like being in a Star Wars movie.

If I miss a post or two in the coming weeks, it’s because my eyes just aren’t ready to stare down a computer monitor.

Or because I’ve flown off to the Midwest to welcome our brand new baby girl granddaughter.

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  1. Hmmmm….here I am writing to you again. I had my eyes done 2 years ago. I have worn glass since I was 8, with severe astigmatism and myopia. My surgeon and I agreed: this restored vision is one of modern life’s little miracles and one of the benefits of being old enough to have Medicare pay for it (!)
    Enjoy your baby granddaughter – another little miracle.

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