"Wrestling with God" book with Barbara Falconer Newhall

Wrestling with God: Stories of Doubt and Faith


"Any seeker of any faith will be blessed to read the words of this fine author and observer."

Publishers Weekly, starred review

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Jeff Greenwald and Kevin Griffin — A Funny Buddhist and a Happy One

Jeff Greenwald read from his book at Book Passage bookstore in Corte Madera

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

One of the nice things about being a writer is that you wind up with lots of writer friends and acquaintances — poets, memoirists, biographers, sages, humorists. And it’s always a pleasure to talk about their books.

Today I’d like to introduce two students of Buddhism. The first is Jeff Greenwald, author, storyteller, traveller, and master of the upstart art of finding God funny. The [Read more…]


Confessions of a So-So Wife: The Night I Forgot to Make Dinner

Jon Newhall takes a class in Thai cooking in Bangkok and shows off his dish. Photo by Jon Newhall

When the kids were older, Jon and I traveled to Thailand, where he took a class in Thai cooking and I went shopping. Photo by Jon Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall, The Oakland Tribune, June 14, 1987

It was going to be the dinner hour of my dreams, the married life I had imagined for myself as a girl back in suburban Detroit.

The table would be set, the chicken roasted to golden perfection. The children, [Read more…]


At Orinda Books: The Author Talked — And So Did the Audience

Author Barbara Falconer Newhall and interviewee Sister Barbara Hazzard gave a book talk at Orinda Books in Orinda, California, May 16, 2015. Photo by Jon Newhall

Hesed Community founder Sister Barbara Hazzard, right, joined me for a book talk at Orinda Books yesterday. Photo by Jon Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Maybe it was the coffee we served. Maybe it was the chocolate chip cookies. Maybe it was something about the self-selected score of people who decided to spend their Saturday afternoon listening to the author read from Wrestling with God.

Or perhaps it had to do with the welcoming ambiance that owners Maria and Danny Roden have established for authors and readers in the months since they took [Read more…]


A Great Good Place for Books — A Great Good Place for a Book Party

Author event at A Great Good Place for Books for Barbara Falconer Newhall's "Wrestlng with God" book, May 13, 2015. Jon Newhall foto

I read from “Wrestling with God” and signed books at  A Great Good Place for Books bookstore in the Montclair district of Oakland.  We filled the place up.  Photo by Jon Newhall 

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Friends and acquaintances from all parts of my life joined a capacity crowd last night at A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland to hear me read from “Wrestling with God”– my editor from my Oakland Tribune days, a buddy from my Zumba class, folks  [Read more…]


A Newspaper Story With My Name on It — That I Didn’t Have to Write

Bay Area News Group runs a newspaper story on May 10, 2015. It's an interview with Barbara Falconer Newhall by Georgia Howe. Photo by Barbara Newhall

Georgia Rowe’s interview ran in yesterday’s Contra Costa Times, the Oakland Tribune and other Bay Area Newspapers. Laura A. Oda came to my writing room to take photos.

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

It was a very pleasant 45 minutes; for once I was the interviewee and someone else, a newspaper reporter, was doing the hard work of being the interviewer.

Freelance writer George Rowe and I met for the interview at the Book Passage bookstore in Corte Madera. She had been assigned by the Bay Area News Group to [Read more…]