The Writing Room: My Book’s Almost Done, Sorta

My computer monitor in action. Photo by Bf Newhall

My computer monitor the day before my mother broke her hip and brought progress on my book to a halt for a year.

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

My book is close to done. I’ve been working on it for nigh on to 13 years now. Can’t imagine how it will feel to have it  done-ish.

As some of you know, it’s working title is “Wrestling with God,” aka “Finding Holy: True Stories of Religion and Spirituality in America.” I’m within spitting distance of finishing the last three chapters. My mother’s broken hip brought progress to a halt for a year.

There will be quite a few holes to fill in, but the hard part — finding that #$%^&* story arc — is done and the coast is clear.

As for how I find Holy, you’ll have to read the book to find that out.

When my book is finished will I feel really, really good — or really, really bad? Dunno. Watch this space.




  1. Congratulations on nearly finishing. I’m in a similar mode and can relate.
    VERY much enjoy your blog –

  2. Congratulations on your near-ish book. I am nearly-nearish my second. It’s like giving birth but with an elephantine gestation and then some!!
    Are you going to self-publish or ebook or traditional?

    • I’m going to start with traditional. But the ebook and self-publishing possibilities are changing fast and looking better all the time. The trouble with self-publishing is that you wind up having to do so much of the production, marketing, etc.

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