Kirkus Reviews ‘Wrestling with God’ This Month

Kirkus reviews Wrestling with God. Cover of the Sept. 1, 2016, Kirkus Review, which contains a review of "Wrestling with God" by Barbara Falconer Newhall

The Sept. 1 issue, in which Kirkus reviews Wrestling with God.

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

The reviews are in, and the critics are saying nice things about “Wrestling with God.” There’s that starred review in Publishers Weekly that I told you about last year. It described WWG as “a wild and wonderful ride.”

More kind words have trickled in since. I’m especially proud of the fact that this month Kirkus reviews Wrestling with God in its Sept. 1 print edition — which goes out to librarians and booksellers all over the country.

Not every indie book reviewed by Kirkus Reviews gets to appear in the print mag. “Wrestling with God” did — with a top-of-the-page banner headline quoting the reviewer’s conclusion that WWG “succeeds in its reminder that while religious certainty may be an ideal, it’s far from the norm.”

Here are a few more lines from the review:

. . . Told with the practiced rhythms of a longtime storyteller (Newhall has been a staff writer at a number of newspapers), the prose is crisp and accessible. The accounts of her subjects are told in the first person, which lends a bit of intimacy to their experiences. The book will likely find its readership among those people who see themselves reflected in its pages—those who have been looking for but not finding God . . . A thoughtful, well-written sampling of religious uncertainty.

If you can’t get your hands on a print copy, you can read the review online. You can also help WWG find more readers by adding your comments to the Kirkus review. I’d love it if you would share the link to the review on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.  That can make a big, big difference in the book’s reach.

Here’s the link to the Kirkus review:

You could do the same for the Publishers Weekly review as well, if you’re in the mood. Here’s that link:

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  1. Cheryl McLaughlin says:

    Awesome, Barbara! The momentum and awareness just keeps growing.

  2. What a great review! I am looking forward to reading it when I get home to my copy in Valencia in a couple weeks.

  3. Sharie McNamee says:

    Congratulations, Barb. Your book is receiving wider acknowledgement.

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