Book Openers: A Heather Donahue Lexicon — Flopsweat and Larfy Defined

Heather Donahue Grow Girl author. Photo by Michele Clement

Heather Donahue. Photo by Michele Clement.

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

For readers who were as flummoxed as I was by Heather Donahue’s pot-growing argot in a recent  post, here is some help:

Theremin: Eery electronic musical instrument. Check out this cool video.

Flopsweat: Anxious sweat during a performance. This one’s a keeper.

Larfy: Very leafy; saftig, plump.

Nutes: Plant nutrients, fertilizer.

Spliff: A joint.

E: I’m guessing ecstacy.

Asstard: Ass + bastard. This is not a word I’ll get much use out of.

Some of the new-to-me words in Heather’s memoir book are omitted here. They include a lot of very interesting expressions with fascinating nordic and anglo-saxon origins, but no use attracting a lot of porn spam to my site. I recommend reading the book for yourself. It’s Growgirl: How my Life After The Blair Witch Project Went to Pot.

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