GodsBigBlog: Kids and Money — Saving It, Spending It, Sharing It

Three Cups, by Mark St. Germain, is illustrated by April Willy.

"Three Cups," a children's book by Mark St. Germain and April Willy.

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Looking for a way to teach generosity and life-long charitable giving to the children in your family? Author Mark St.Germain and artist April Willy have a suggestion: The next time you give your children an allowance, give each of them three cups. One for savings, one for spending — and one for charity.

How much to put in each cup? Now, that should get everybody in the family talking. Let us know how the conversation goes at your house.

Three Cups, written by Mark St. Germain, illustrated by April Willy, 2007, Three Cups, LLC.


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