Publishers Weekly, starred review
"Wrestling with God: Stories of Doubt and Faith" book cover with photo of author Barbara Falconer Newhall

"Any seeker of any faith will be blessed to read the words of this fine author and observer."

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A Mother Who Died With Her Daughters at Auschwitz — Ernie Hollander’s Story

Ernie Hollander: Shoes and clothing worn by prisoners at Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Photo by Barbara Newhall

Ernie Hollander’s mother died at Auschwitz, but she was not defeated by her tormentors. Her story lives on. Read more.


Who Is a Jew? The Pew Research Center Tackles the Question — And Gets Some Answers

title page of the Bleichrode 1923 German edition of Jewish prayer book. photo by bf newhall


Who is a Jew? Before it could undertake its 2013 survey of U.S. Jews, the Pew Research Center had to think hard about what makes you Jewish in twenty-first-century America. It turns out that believing in God is not essential to Jewishness, and neither is being married to a Jewish spouse. Having a sense of humor helps a lot, however . . . Read more.