Publishers Weekly, starred review
"Wrestling with God: Stories of Doubt and Faith" book cover with photo of author Barbara Falconer Newhall

"Any seeker of any faith will be blessed to read the words of this fine author and observer."

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Spike Heels — Feminist? Feminine? Or Both?

Girls wear pink, but grown women like this one opt for daring spike heels. Photo by Barbara Newhall

Let’s face it. Spike heels aren’t much good for doing what real women do – drive an SUV, wash down the deck. Same goes for long fingernails. What gives? Read more.


The Politics of Housework, Revisited

Men and housework and childcare. A man carries his affectionate toddler girl. Photo by Barbara Newhall

As a feminist conversant with the politics of housework, I tried not to be too preoccupied with clean. Then I learned I was allergic to the dustballs under my marital bed. Read more.


A Case of the Human Condition: My Daughter the Trash Heap

My daughter is beautiful. But I wonder if she wants to be. If she liked being beautiful, why did she dress up as a heap of trash for Halloween when she was 11? A “Doctor Who” space alien at 28?


Mad Men Exposes the ’60s Girdle — But Will She Get It Off in Time?

You can’t fool me. I know a girdle when I see one. A stewardess on Mad Men did a strip tease — but how was she going to get that girdle off without turning hot sex into farce?


A Case of the Human Condition: Feminine, Feminist Pink

Christina likes pink. Given a choice, my five-year-old daughter will take the pink balloon, the pink panties, the pink baseball bat. But when she’s 25, will she drop the pink for spike heels and long, red fingernails?