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"Any seeker of any faith will be blessed to read the words of this fine author and observer."

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Snow in California

Apparently, it snowed last night on our little hill in Oakland. There was snow all over the place at 11 a.m. — on cars, on the lawn around a local hilltop swimming pool, on Mt. Diablo to the East, and dripping and plopping off the trees.


Help! My Kids Aren’t Perfect After All

The kids were still pre-schoolers at the time, and it had been another night of sleep deprivation for me. “Tell me it gets easier,” I said to my friend Nancy. “Well, actually it gets harder,” she replied. Nancy has a daughter three years older than Peter. She keeps me briefed on the parenting realities ahead.


Seaholm: My Old High School — It’s Not Stuck in the Twentieth Century

A couple dozen of us took a tour of Birmingham High School, aka Seaholm High, during our reunion weekend in October. It looks like quite of few additions have been made to the building. I thought the designers did quite a good job of being faithful to the Fifties architecture.


A Case of the Human Condition: Some Scenes from Birmingham, Michigan, Today


A Case of the Human Condition: It’s Us — The Class of ’59

We just keep getting better and better — and less and less like a bunch of adolescents. The class of 1959, Birmingham High School, Birmingham, Michigan, stopped talking long enough to let me take some pictures — October, 2009.