"Wrestling with God" book with Barbara Falconer Newhall

Wrestling with God: Stories of Doubt and Faith

"Any seeker of any faith will be blessed to read the words of this fine author and observer."

Publishers Weekly, starred review

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I Landed a Bit Part in a Real Movie — Thank You, Armistead Maupin

The crew of a documentary about Armistead Maupin crowded into the writing studio of author Barbara Falconer Newhall: assistant Val Castro, sound recordist Mark Whelan, make-up Joel King, director Jennifer Kroot, cinematographer Shane King. Photo by Barbara Newhall

The crew of an upcoming documentary about Armistead Maupin crowded into my writing room for an interview. From left: assistant Val Castro, sound recordist Mark Whelan, make-up Joel King, director Jennifer Kroot, cinematographer Shane King. Photo by Barbara Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Yes, it’s true. I’ll be making a brief appearance in a movie coming out soon. It’s a documentary about my old San Francisco Chronicle pal, Armistead Maupin, the author of the ribald, much-loved “Tales of the City” novels and TV series.

Documentarian Jennifer M. Kroot needed to interview someone who’d been there at the birth of “Tales of the City” and could tell some tales out of school.

I love a good story and I do have a few to tell about Armistead’s struggles to show up at the Chronicle city room on a regular basis and turn in newspaper copy on a tight deadline. Deadlines are a challenge for the best of journalists, but [Read more…]


“Bamboo Secrets” — A Love Story in the Shadow of Japan

Patricia Dove Miller signs copies of "Bamboo Secrets," at Book Passage, Marin, June 11, 2016. Photo by Barbara Newhall

Patricia Dove Miller signed copies of “Bamboo Secrets” at Book Passage book store. Photo by Barbara Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

You’d think that if you’d read a book five, six, maybe fifteen times, you wouldn’t want to read it yet again. But I did. I really did. In fact, when I finally got my very own ink-and-paper copy of my writing buddy’s book, “Bamboo Secrets,” and I started reading it, I could not put the darned thing down.

I polished it off in a matter of days, forgoing my morning news fix with the New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle for the pleasures of [Read more…]


Kudos for Wrestling with God — The Author Shamelessly Keeps Score

Kudos for Wrestling with God! Barbara Falconer Newhall at her home office desk getting ready to do final edits on her book, "Wrestling with God." Photo by Barbara Newhall

Announcing big kudos for Wrestling with God. Here, the original MS got a final proofread. Photo by Barbara Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Just so you know, kudos has been raining down on “Wrestling with God” in recent months. I’ve mentioned in past posts some of the very nice reviews and prizes my book has received. But I can’t resist tallying them up in one tidy list here for all to see.

My lofty, literary self says, “Take the high road. Ignore the critics and [Read more…]


Meet Me in Minneapolis — At the Twin Cities Book Festival

A man with a backpack looks for books at the Bay Area Book Festival. Unllke the Twin Cities Book Festival, the BA festival was held outdoors. Photo by Barbara Newhall

A browser at the Bay Area Book Festival in June. The Twin Cities Book Festival is coming up on Saturday at the Minneapolis State Fair. Photo by Barbara Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Meet me in Minneapolis this Saturday. I’ll be at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds participating in the Twin Cities Book Festival. You’ll find me at an author’s table in the Progress Center giving away free copies of “Wrestling with God” to [Read more…]


Book Contests — My Big Starter List for Authors

Book Contests. IPPY winner Veda Stamps ("Flexible Wings," IMO Books), barbara Newhall ("Wrestling with God"), Laura A. Ackley ("San Francisco's Jewel City," Heyday), Aleta George ("Ina CoolBrith," Shifting Plates Press) at IPPY awards 2016. Photo by Jon Newhall

Book Contests. California IPPY winners met at a ceremony in Chicago: Veda Stamps (“Flexible Wings”), Barbara Falconer Newhall (“Wrestling with God”), Laura A. Ackley (“San Francisco’s Jewel City”), Aleta George (“Ina Coolbrith”). Photo by Jon Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Want to win some book contests? If you’re famous and your book is hitting the best-seller lists and it has the support of one of the Big Five publishers, you probably don’t have to lift a finger. But if you are among the legions of self-published authors and authors published by small, independent presses — you’ll need a list of book contests so you can get cracking. Contest deadlines for books published in 2016  [Read more…]