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My Rocky Spiritual Journey

You don't have to be a big believer to find something interesting to read here . . . You'll find excerpts from the spiritual journeys of people I've met on the religion beat as well as reports of my own fraught encounters with religion and spirituality . . . as well as updates on my book, "Wrestling with God," to be published early 2015 by Patheos Press.

Why Meditate — When I Could Be Sweeping the Garage?

I’ve tried meditating a few times – a very few times. Why would I want to sit inside my mind when I could be out in the front yard, snapping dead blossoms off the rhododendron, or in the garage, sweeping away the cobwebs?


GodsBigBlog: What Non-Believers Think of Obama

For the time being, at least, non-believers are okay with Obama’s stance vis-a-vis religion and spirituality. Check out this story on


Why Pray? — Some Thoughts from Karen Armstrong

Why pray? Karen Armstrong, one of my favorite authors, has some answers for the skeptical.


GodsBigBlog: Dancer Savitri Hari — God in the Lowly Things

Savitri Hari finds the sacred in the lowly things. Savitri grew up in a Hindu family in a village in South India. “We children used to gather cow dung for a special holiday. We rolled the cow dung into a ball and drew mandala designs on it with rice flour.”


GodsBigBlog: Native American Tori Isner — Want to Find Holy? Go Look at a Rock

Army vet Tori Isner traces her roots to the Eastern Band of Cherokee of North Carolina. She’s an adopted Lakota Sioux who currently lives in Texas. “Go look at the ocean. That’s Creator. That’s beauty.”


GodsBigsBlog: Geoff Machin — We Go Looking for God, When We Could Be Having a Beer

“Human beings are the only living things that know they exist and ask why. We’d probably have more fun if we didn’t ask so many questions, just go to the beach and have a beer. Well, some of us do bother about these things.