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"Wrestling with God: Stories of Doubt and Faith" book cover with photo of author Barbara Falconer Newhall

"Any seeker of any faith will be blessed to read the words of this fine author and observer."

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My Ever-Changing Family

Our family shrinks and grows. People die. People get born. People get mad and won't talk to you for a while. Kids grow up and find partners of their own, and pretty soon there are brand-new in-laws.

When Your Kids Don’t Fight — Enough


My children do not tease each other like the normal sibling pair. They are nice to each other. I worry. Where did Jon and I go wrong?


Take a Second — To Celebrate the Fabled Leap Second

My brother-in-law Skip loves to throw a party. This time it was a party in honor of — the Leap Second. Join in, kick back and enjoy the extra second in your life, compliments of Skip.


A (Lengthy) Case of the Human Condition: Married 35 Years

Our 35th wedding anniversary. We got married late. We skipped our first marriages and went straight for the second.


A Case of the Human Condition: When a Six-Year-Old Flies Solo

My mother-in-law was on the phone. Could my 6-year-old son Peter come to Southern California for a week’s visit with her? “A week?” I thought. Could I get along without my little son for a whole week?


Scrubbing the Floor With My Daughter Cinderella

There was no getting around it. Christina, who is 51/2, intended to wash our kitchen floor. She had been studying her “Cinderella” videotape for weeks, and now she wanted nothing more than to scrub.


Why Can’t a Dad Be More Like a Mom? . . . Do We Really Want Them To Be?

My friend Carol calls them “the little inequities.” She is talking about the small, countless ways that men fail to notice what needs to be done for their children.