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"Any seeker of any faith will be blessed to read the words of this fine author and observer."

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Book Openers

As a little kid I always had my nose in a book. And now that I'm thoroughly grown up, I still do. Below you'll find author profiles (lots of memoirists) as well as mini – and not-so-mini – book reviews.

. . . And Two Books I Did Read, Sorta — By Lauren Winner and Anne LaMott

Anne LaMott at a reading of her book "Help, Thanks, Wow." Photo by BF Newhall

Yesterday I wrote about five intriguing books that have come across my desk in recent months, good books that I never got around to reading. Here are two more books — by memoirists Anne LaMott and Lauren Winner — that I’ve actually managed to blast through in a couple sittings each. Read more.


Good Books I Haven’t Really Read: Anna Quindlen, Stephen Prothero, David Talbot and a Book About French Love . . .

Portrait of Marilyn Yalom, author of "How the French Invented Love' with a lipstick kiss on her cheek. Photo by BF Newhall

There are seven intriguing books currently languishing on my bookshelf, crying out to be read. Books I’ve dearly wanted to spend quality time with in the past year, but haven’t. And that’s because I’m writing — and promoting — a book myself. Read more.


Book Openers: Memoiring in the Mountains with the Bestselling Jasmin Darznik

I first met Jasmin Darznik back in 2006, and right away she presented a problem. We were in the same nonfiction writing workshop at Squaw Valley and I didn’t know what to say about her manuscript.


Book Openers: Is Polygamy Normal?

Is polygamy normal? If gays can get their marriages legalized, what’s to keep all those polygamists from seeking legalization of their status as well?


Book Openers: Good News — Life Is Flawed and There Is No Fixing It

There comes a time, in the second half of life, when we must realize that we are doomed to failure, says Richard Rohr.


Twenty-two Years Later, A Tiananmen Survivor Finally Tells All

Twenty-two years after the crack-down at Tiananmen Square, a leader of the protests there finally tells her story. Why did it take so long?