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A Case of the Human Condition

I’m Barbara Falconer Newhall and I’ve got an incurable Case of the Human Condition. And since you do too, I’m counting on you to laugh and cry along with me as I riff on life as we know it . . . Below you'll read about my creaky, old fifties house, my forays into home gardening, my shopping stories, my spectacularly low-fashion wardrobe -- and more.

A Case of the Human Condition: A Mother Who Prevailed at Auschwitz

When Ernie Hollander’s family arrived at Auschwitz in 1944, his young sisters were ordered to go to the left as they left the cattle car that had transported them from their home in Hungary. Ernie’s mother was ordered to the right, but she refused to be separated from her daughters. She perished with them in the gas chamber.


A Case of the Human Condition: Choose Me, Please!

Jury duty is a lot like softball. I’d rather not do it. I’d rather not sit through the whiplash case. I’d rather not stand there in right field, breathing dust. Yet something in me wants to be on the team. If there is choosing going on, I can’t help wanting to be among the chosen.


A Case of the Human Condition: Banning Barbie in West Virginia

By Barbara Falconer Newhall Ban Barbie? Seriously? Yes, says Jeff Eldridge, a second-term Democratic delegate to the West Virginia legislature. Eldridge asserts that the Barbie doll encourages little girls to develop their physical beauty over their intellectual and emotional development, so he’s introduced a bill banning the sale of Barbie dolls in the state of West Virginia. “I […]


A Case of the Human Condition: James Dean’s Last Day — Video with CHP Officers on the Scene

The highway patrol officers on the scene of the car crash that killed James Dean are interviewed in an excellent new video, along with the officer who cited Dean for speeding hours before his death.


A Case of the Human Condition: Even Barbie Has to Turn Fifty Sometime

Barbie doesn’t look it, of course, but this month the busty, slim-hipped fashion doll turns 50. Read all about it in Mary Jo Murphy’s article  in today’s New York Times. Posting here tomorrow — “Dolls and Daughters,” what happened when my daughter, then seven, and I tried to play with her Barbie.


A Case of the Human Condition: The Day James Dean Died — The Eyewitnesses to Speak on February 28

Fans of the legendary film star James Dean will meet face-to-face the CHP officer who was first on the scene of the car collision that took Dean’s life as well as the officer who ticketed Dean for speeding just before his death.