Going Mobile Friendly — A Jazzy New Look Is Under Construction

An earth mover at work on a construction site, analogous to rebuilding a mobile friendly website. Photo by Barbara Newhall

We’re rebuilding this website to be mobile friendly — expect lots of messy heavy lifting for the next few weeks. Photo by Barbara Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

For the time being this will be a website under construction. We’re rebuilding it to be mobile friendly.

And none too soon. I’m a chronically late adapter, technologically speaking. I’m probably the last person on earth carrying around a GS3 iPhone; I got it in 2009. Same goes for my rickety old laptop, so ancient that it runs Windows 7. Not to mention my email address — an AOL moniker that embarrasses my millennial children.

But — thanks to my quick-on-her-feet webmaster — mine is not going to be the last website on earth to go mobile.

With a little luck and some late night construction by said webmaster, you will be able to access this site and my blog posts more readily on your mobile phones. That’s a plus for you.

As for me and my offerings, my website will have greater reach if it’s mobile friendly. That’s because, I’m told, search engines like Google and Yahoo favor sites that work well on cell phones. According to a Google developers website, in some parts of the world there are more mobile devices in use than personal computers.

I have to admit, I like the way my site has looked in recent years. It’s calm and clean and accessible. But, the design dates all the way back to 2009 — that’s 453 posts ago.

So, yes. I’ll be ditching my pokey old computer, my antediluvian AOL account, and my passe GS3 iPhone soon. But first — a  mobile friendly website will be under construction.

Bear with us for the next couple of weeks as we tweak and tuck and, from time to time, shut the site down for a bit.

Let me know how you like it. And — I’m curious — do you access this site on your PC, or your cell phone? I’d love to know. Just post a comment below.

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  2. Hi Barbara – I typically access it on my PC, but if I’m traveling, I get it via phone.

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