Nancy Selvin Goes Big — My Favorite Potter’s New Show

My favorite potter keeps potting away. Look what San Francisco Bay Area artist Nancy Selvin is up to now. I love it! Hmm. I wonder what else she will be showing at the Spun Smoke gallery in Berkeley, California, May 5 through June 26.

The pot in the announcement below is a big one, btw — nearly three feet tall.

More Berkeley artists — mosaic artisans and painters and sculptors.

 nancy selvin large pots show at spun smoke gallery 2016



  1. Hola Barbara,
    A lively blog here. I am about to finish the last edit of my novel FIRE SERPENT referring to the flames that wrap themselves around the wet earth transforming it to ceramics – a process as ancient as the woman who works it in this story about an archeologist trying to recover the ceramic history of Mesoamerica and establish the very early contact with Peru (1500 B.C.E.) Any ideas about where to publish it?
    Miriam de Uriarte
    Getty Leadership Program 2003
    Marfil, Guanajuato, Mexico

    • Miriam, Your novel sounds wonderful. I love the idea of tracing the history of ceramics — and women — in Mesoamerica. Since I’m a non-fiction writer I haven’t a clue how to get a novel published. But it seems to me that this one will attract readers, which is what every publisher is looking for.

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