I’m Thankful for Friends, Family, Pumpkin Pie and — It’s a Girl!

I'm thankful as Christina Newhall takes stuffing from 2013 Thanksgiving turkey. Dad Jon helps. Photo by Barbara Newhall

Three of the things I’m thankful for: Two cooks and lots of stuffing. Photo by Barbara Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Here’s what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

One. Decades and decades of friends and family. I’ve had so many people to love over the years. Some of those people will be at our house on Thanksgiving.

Two. Coming soon in February — yet another person to love. Our first grandchild . . . It’s a girl!

Three. There are two cooks in the family, both of whom are, thankfully, not me. (One is Jon. The other is Christina.)

Four. Pumpkin pie. What a great way to get your vegetables.

Five. Stuffing! The stuffing alone makes all the Thanksgiving preparations worth it.

Six. Self-cleaning ovens. This could be 1965, for heaven’s sake, and I could be getting out the oven cleaner the day before Turkey Day and again the day after.

Seven. Thanks to the folks at Patheos Press, especially my astute editor, Kathleen Mulhern, “Wrestling with God: Stories of Doubt and Faith” is published at last. Now I  can move on to my next project. But what the heck is that?

Eight. You. Yes, all you folks out there in cyberspace who are kind enough to stop by now and then and listen to me natter on.

Nine. Whoever/whatever created me and has thereby made it possible for me to feel all the nice, mushy gratitude I’m feeling right now.

Ten. Seconds on pumpkin pie.Seconds on stuffing.

Eleven. Thirds on both.

More about “Wrestling with God” at WrestlingWithGodBook.com.  More things to be thankful for at “My Old Stuff — A Little Moldy, a Little Dusty, but Unlike Certain People, It’s Still With Me.”   Also, I’m thankful for being at the right place at the right time to take all the Minnesota garden photos I caught one evening for “Point-and-Shoot Heaven: A Minnesota Garden Just Before Dusk.”




  1. ginger rothe says:

    i’m grateful for “wrestling with god,” too. so many interesting people, so much to think about. thank you.

  2. Hello Barbara, and Happy Thanksgiving! Congratulations on your forthcoming granddaughter. Our first grand-baby, also a girl, was born in September. Such a precious little person! Welcome to the Granny Club!

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