Two More Big Bookstore Events for “Wrestling with God” — Join the Celebration

book events Barbara Falconer Newhall's book "Wrestling with God" is on display on a counter in A Great Good Place for Books bookstore in Oakland California. Photo by Barbara Newha

“Wrestling with God” on display at A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland, California — just to the left of Cheryl Strayed’s book “Tiny Beautiful Things.” Photo by Barbara Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Come join the fun at two upcoming book events. I’ll be speaking, reading from Wrestling with God, taking questions and signing books at two wonderful San Francisco Bay Area independent bookstores during May. And, yes, refreshments will be served.

On May 13 I’ll be at A Great Good Place for Books in Montclair, Oakland. GGPB is my go-to, locally owned bookstore. That’s where I go for books, and that’s where I go when I just want to browse and schmooze.

books events Sister Barbara Hazzard of Oakland at the 60th anniversary as a religious and monastic. At Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Oakland, CA, 9-28-2014. Photo by Barbara Newhall

Sister Barbara Hazzard. Photo by Barbara Newhall

On May 16, I’ll be at Orinda Books. Also locally owned, Orinda Books is on the other side of the tunnel and is one of Contra Costa county’s most stellar independent stores. I feel lucky to be invited to read and sign books over there as well.

A special treat for those who come to the Orinda Books event — Sister Barbara Hazzard will be there. Sister Barbara is one of the sixteen or so amazing, inspiring, beautiful people who tell their stories (in their own words) in Wrestling with God.

Sister Barbara, a Benedictine monastic, is the founder of Hesed, a Christian meditation center for lay people in Oakland. She’ll be reading from her section of the book. That will be an interesting moment for me. I read Sister Barbara’s story to her many times as we worked it over and edited it, but I’ve never heard her actually read it aloud.

Bring your friends!

A Great Good Place for Books, 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 13, 6120 LaSalle Avenue, Oakland, California  94611

Orinda Books, 3 to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, May 16, 276 Village Square, Orinda, California  94563

More about Wrestling with God at “My Book Got a Starred Review From Publishers Weekly, and I’m Doing the Happy Dance.” If you’d like to order the book, go to

Readers who’d like to know more about my rocky spiritual journey might want to go over to (that’s my publisher, btw) and follow my Wrestling with God blog over there. I’m in good company there — with folks like Richard Ostling, Ken Wilbur, Brian McLaren and Christian Piatt.


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