It’s Launch Day for “Wrestling with God” and I’m Hoping You’ll Buy a Copy . . . or Two or Three

Author Barbara Falconer Newhall joyfully shows off her copy of Wrestling with God with cover design by Michelle Lenger. Photo by Barbara Newhall

Photo by Barbara Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

It’s launch day for Wrestling with God. It’s out there and ready for you to buy, and I’m hoping, hoping, hoping you’ll go to Amazon or your local bookstore (in person or on their website) and order yourself a copy . . . and maybe one or two for friends and family.

The book now has its own site where you can read about it and order it. It’s

If possible, please get yourself a copy today or in the next few days — that will cause a nice blip in the book’s Amazon sales figures, which will raise its visibility to other readers.

The People You’ll Meet

Here are some of the people in Wrestling with God: Stories of Doubt and Faith:

  • The late Charles H. Townes, a Noble Laureate physicist who describes discovering the principles behind the maser and laser as a revelation from God as vivid as Moses’ burning bush.
  • Ani Zonneveld, an award-winning pop songwriter and co-founder of Muslims for Progressive Values.
  • Martin Verhoeven, a convert to Buddhism who gave up a Ford Fellowship at Stanford to embark upon a six-hundred-fifty-mile bowing pilgrimage along the Pacific Coast – three steps and a bow, three more steps and a bow.
  • Elizabeth Chandler Felts, a Congregationalist minister who suffered a stillbirth followed by two miscarriages – and now wonders whether God is always good.
  • Robert Tharratt, a World War II POW who survived a forced march across Germany and found redemption, decades later, in two German friends, one of whom was firing anti-aircraft artillery in Nuremberg on the day his plane was shot down over that city.

You’ll also hear a lot from me about my struggle to find a way to believe in God – or Something – in our globalized, secularized, multi-faith world.

I hope you’ll enjoy Wrestling with God. A number of reviewers have already said nice things about it, including Publishers Weekly, which gave the book one of its gorgeous red stars.

For the Non-Religious

Even if you are not religious — or not even “spiritual but not religious” — I think you’ll enjoy reading the deeply personal stories of people like Charles Townes, Martin Verhoeven and Ani Zonneveld.

Thanks for whatever you can do to get Wrestling with God off to a blazing start.



  1. I’m enjoying this SO MUCH, Barbara – and I’ll be sure to say so on Goodreads and Amazon. Many congratulations for the work and care that went into creating such a thought provoking and gratifying read.

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