Robert Morse — Don’t Miss His Madcap “Mad Men” Season Send-Off

Actor Robert Morse reading newspaper as Bert Cooper in the Mad Men TV series

Robert Morse as Bert Cooper in the “Mad Men” TV series

Spoiler alert!

If you missed Sunday’s half-season finale of the award-winning — not a musical — TV show “Mad Men,”  check out Robert Morse’s song and dance scene, which was the brilliant inspiration of showrunner Matt Weiner.

Coming up, a post about the impression I got of Robert Morse when I visited him on the set of “Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?” on Times Square when he was 36 and at the peak of his career — and now as the 83-year-old “Mad Men” supporting actor.

Clip from Man Men TV show showing Robert Morse singing and dancing with secretaries.


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