Ahead of the Curve on a Hot New Trend — Storytelling


Jeff Greenwald introducing his storytellers at a Book Passage performance last Friday. Photo by Jon Newhall.

It looks like Jeff Greenwald and his Merry Band of Storytellers are ahead of the curve. Check out this article in Monday’s New York Times on the storytelling classes being offered all around the Big Apple even as we speak. It seems maybe the storytelling subculture I’ve been nattering on about is not so sub after all.

I like the New York Times headline — “So there were these three storytellers .  . .  ”

If you want to stay ahead of the cultural curve, you can sign up for Jeff’s next storytelling class . It starts April 24 in San Francisco.


My classmate Sharon Metzler Dow in Nepal. She tells the story of a precarious motorcycle ride across a pedestrian bridge swaying high above the Chobar Gorge near Kathmandu. Photo by SM Dow.








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