Writers Grotto Writers Bask in Their Three Minutes of Fame

Lauren Patti, a short memoir

Some thirty writers and storytellers took the mic — for three short minutes each — to share their works in progress Friday evening at Book Passage in San Francisco’s Ferry Building. The writers had been taking classes in memoir, young adult fiction, the short story, personal essay, storytelling and the novel at the Writers Grotto.

Jon and I took along our trusty camera, and I’m publishing pictures here of many folks as they read. Among the crowd pleasers were Oliver Williams’ short story about a little boy who could fly, Lauren Patti’s memoir about being short (which she is), and Chris Caldeira’s short story about — let’s call it p—- envy and leave it at that.

We storytellers had a blast telling our stories; we’re pretty sure we made our teacher, Jeff Greenwald, proud.

Photos by Jon and Barbara Newhall 


Lia Banie, fiction







Chris Caldeira, fiction






Ana Selby, personal essay






Andrea Weiner, memoir

Michelle Zaffino, young adult fiction

Lisa Vogt, Storm the Page class

Bryan Costales, fiction








Catherine Hollis, memoir







Sarah Jessee, short story







Ed Kamrin, pesonal essay

Laura Perkins, young adult fiction

Lindsay Riddell and screenwriting group

Mette Risa read from her smart phone

Oliver Williams, short story

Kent Wright, novel


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