The Scottville, Michigan, High School Football Team — 1929

The-Scottville-Michigan-high-school-football team-1929. Photo by H.J. Hansen

The Scottville football team, 1929. Photo by H.J. Hansen











By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Oops. I forgot to post the photo of my father’s Scottville, Michigan, High School football team on Friday’s blog. Here it is.

The great Stock Market Crash of 1929 took place on Thursday, October 29, 1929, setting off a world-wide economic depression. Things were bad, but apparently not bad enough to keep these guys from suiting up and playing ball. Or had the market not quite crashed yet . . . ?

My father, Dave Falconer (that’s him with the curly hair, front row, third from right), wrote these names on the back of the photo. The spellings and labels are his. Left to right:

Front Row – Backs: James Berry – Jim; Adison Miller – Addy – R. End; John Rosander – Rosy – Back; Holly Wilson – capt. – Back; Noble Stephens – Steve – Back; David Falconer – Dave – Back; Harry Young; Norman Benow – Norm

Second row – Line: Morse Osby – R. Tackle; Woodrow Briggs – L. Tackle; Harold Sanders – R. Guard; Ray Sherburn – Center; Meril Wood; Bob Berry; Dwight Spuller – L. End; Don. Sager – Coach

Back row – Scrubs: Genters; Jenks; D.D. Nelson; Harhart; James Fisher; W. Fisher – L. Guard; Burt Shulte; Ben Nap – ?ski; L. Fisher



  1. Jenniffer Sopko says:

    Love, love, love this….your dad and my husband’s great Aunt Mary Rudzinskas must have went to school together at Scottville High. Doing some family research and ran across your blog. Thanks!!

    • Barbara Falconer Newhall says:

      If Aunt Mary is still alive, tell her that Grace Falconer, my dad’s younger sister, is going strong at age 98.

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