GodsBigBlog: OK, What’s God’s Big Blog?

Mt. Tamalpais in July. c 2009 B.F. Newhall

I go where it takes me . . . Mt. Tamalpais in July. Photo 2009 by B.F. Newhall

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

A reader named Dana asks, “What is GodsBigBlog?”

Good question.

GodsBigBlog is — God’s Big Blog.

I’m a religion writer in the tradition of Huston Smith and the universalists. I’ve interviewed and observed hundreds of people with dozens of different, often conflicting, ideas, spiritual paths and experiences of Holy, and I have come to the conclusion that the Sacred, whatever It is, must be very large. If God is to encompass all those earnest people and all their – to me convincing – experiences of Holy, God must be very big, indeed.

Also, it seems to me that Whatever Is Going On Out/In There is way beyond human understanding, which takes me back to — God Is Big.

Someone else is using the URL God Is Big, so I’ve had to come up with an alternative for my other website on religion and spirituality. I named it GodsBigBlog, which is URL-speak for God Is Big – or God’s Big.

There’s a pun there, and I like it. God’s Big Blog can also mean this is God’s Big Blog.

God’s blog, not mine. I just live there and go where it takes me.

So there you have it.

Update: The GodsBigBlog category is now — My Rocky Spiritual Journey.