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A Case of the Human Condition: Swing, Lindy, Fast Dancing — My Kind of Crazy

By Barbara Falconer Newhall

Jon and I spent this past weekend at his high school reunion in Southern California. I hope to be posting some notes later today or tomorrow . . . or . . . later this week.

Meanwhile, to keep you entertained, we’ll plug you in to some YouTube music and dancing from the glorious era that was our adolescence.

At my favorite site, some truly amazing dancers work out at a 2006 fast dance contest.  The dancing is terrific, as you’ll see, but where are the demure plaid skirts, loafers and crew neck sweaters we used to wear at my high school?

At a Tokyo Fifties dance club, the dancing was more amusing than amazing. Enjoy!

Plaid skirts, loafers, crew neck sweater, freshly ironed shirts -- these Birmingham (Michigan) High School girls knew what to wear to a sock hop
Plaid skirts, loafers, crew neck sweaters, starched shirts — these Birmingham (Michigan) High School girls knew what to wear to a sock hop. 1957 The Highlander

If you went to Birmingham High, maybe you can help me identify these four kids. Click on the photo for some clues.



  1. Wow those dancers are really good! Seems weird none of them did a little research and dressed up in an authentic outfit though. They realllly would have stood out and made an impression that way!

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